5 Tips for Keeping Your Emotional Thermometer Cool While Co-Parenting During the Holidays

Going through a divorce brings up intense emotions in families, but going through a divorce during the holidays brings up even more intense feelings of sadness, guilt, regret, and anger. The true spirit of the holidays of love and kindness can easily be lost while one is flooded with negative emotions. It is really important to remember what holidays mean to children and to extended members of the family…

Befriending Technology… and making it work for you!

It is not just kids who are on constantly plugged into their devices anymore. We all have replaced so many things in our lives with smart phones and tablets.

My colleague, Dr. Linda Bortell, and I have joined the 21st century movement and have developed an app for people going through divorce. We called it DIVORCEWORKS because you CAN make divorce work!

Body image and a healthy sense of self

We live in a world that values appearance. Whether we like to admit it or not we form our first impressions based on very superficial features. Some of us are able to look past what is on the cover of the book and look inside for it’s true value. Others remain preoccupied with the cover and buy into the advertised message.

ABCs of Parenting

Parenting is one of the most overwhelming, challenging and complicated journeys that any of us ever planned to take. Yet, it can be made joyous and simpler. Here is what I have learned about parenting: Parenting involves teaching and teaching involves learning. If we start with learning about ourselves and know what we want to […]

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