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Spiritual Healing after Divorce

Divorce and separation have all kinds of legal, financial and emotional consequences. One aspect of divorce that is not often talked about is the spiritual consequence experienced by the family members. It is safe to say that for many, divorce is a legal dissolution of a religious or a spiritual contract. For many people, raised with strong religious beliefs, the decision to divorce brings up feelings of guilt, shame, and a sense of failure.

What Time Is It?

by Kenneth Skale, MA

We usually find ourselves asking this question when planning some portion of the day ahead. We need to reach our destination by a certain time or finish an assignment prior to its deadline. Perhaps we ask ourselves this question rhetorically after spending hours doing “nothing,” only to begin hurriedly arranging the time we have left in the hope of shortening our to-do lists.

Why do we procrastinate?

There has been a long gap between my postings on this blog. I apologize to some of you who have encouraged me to write. Like many of my readers, I have been struggling with procrastination. I have decided to work through this personal challenge by learning more about it and sharing what I know, what I am learning, and how I plan to beat it.

Simplifying and Optimizing our lives with TLC:

Most of us think of TLC as Tender Loving Care. These letters conjure up thoughts and feelings of nurturance towards our loved ones. However, most of us don’t always associate TLC with caring for ourselves. A recent edition of the American

Importance Of Play In Our Lives

Games and play have been a part of all cultures. Besides being a source of amusement and joy for young and old, they seem to have a significant role in socialization of young people and a means of social interaction for people …

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