Befriending Technology… and making it work for you!

It is not just kids who are constantly plugged into their devices anymore. We all have replaced so many things in our lives with smart phones and tablets. Not only does technology let us access the world wide web, it helps us navigate geographically, make and maintain connections through social media, and keep our hectic social and professional lives in order. People are now more likely to get news and information via technology than books and newspapers.Mindful Divorce App

My colleague, Dr. Linda Bortell, and I have joined the 21st century movement and have developed an app for people going through divorce.

As many of you know, I have spent the last 30 years working with families going through this painful transition, and in the process I have learned a lot about how to help soothe and manage the negative feelings and teach those involved how to care for themselves and their children.

Many people never seek the help of a therapist, but instead suffer in isolation and subsequently find it hard to navigate this difficult journey alone. This app is a private self-help tool to help individuals understand, monitor and manage the wide range of emotions that people find themselves feeling during divorce. We have found that therapists and attorneys are making it a vital tool they recommend to help their clients through the process. We called it  DIVORCEWORKS because you CAN make divorce work!

Remember to recommend it to people who may need some hand holding through technology…