Dr. Gitu Bhatia will present at the 8th Annual Cultural Competency in Family Practice

Dr. Gitu Bhatia will present at the 8th Annual Cultural Competency in Family Practice

The 2020 seminar is entitled Culture and Lockdown – Intimate Partner Violence in a time of isolation and quarantine. It will be held virtually using Zoom.

Dr. Gitu Bhatia will present at the 8th Annual Cultural Competency in Family Practice

Date: Saturday July 25th, 2020
Location: Zoom virtual conference
Information: https://culturalcompetencyinfamilypractice.com/2020/
Registration: http://www.ialawyers.org/event-3886683

Cultural Competency in Family Practice (CCFP) is a California ( U.S.) educational project dedicated to the study of culture and its impact on the family law litigation since 2013. The annual seminar events are presented and sponsored by major public and private legal institutions, and bring together family law judges, attorneys, psychologists and financial experts for participation in topic discussion. Dr. Gitu Bhatia has been a participant of the event and its related seminars since inception.


Impact of COVID on cultural communities, focusing on children, socioeconomics and immigration.
Speakers: Hon. Mark A. Juhas, Judge, Family Law, LASC, President of the Association of Family Conciliation Courts, California Chapter; Linda L. Bortell, Psy.D., Bortell Psychological Inc.; Shuray Ghorishi, Esq., Senior Managing Attorney, FAMILY VIOLENCE APPELLATE PROJECT (California)
Moderator: Gitu Bhatia, Psy. D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Gitu Bhatia will present at the 8th Annual Cultural Competency in Family Practice

Dr. Bhatia to present at CPA Annual Convention 2018, San Diego, CA

Dr. Bhatia will participate in the presentation:
“Wildfires and Hurricanes: The Personal and Collective Need for Self-Care”
at the CPA Annual Convention 2018, San Diego, CA which takes place April 26-29, 2018.

Dr. Gitu Bhatia is featured on the Divorce Well Podcast #22

GituBhatiaDivorceWellPodcast22Dr. Gitu Bhatia discusses coping with divorce and the DivorceWorks app on episode 22 of the Divorce Well Podcast:

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Litigation Inn of Court March Meeting

Dr. Gitu Bhatia will speak at the Litigation Inn of Court March Meeting:
Civility – How to Negotiate with Your Opponent – However Difficult That May be For You

Dr. Gitu Bhatia, Professor, Pepperdine Graduate School of Psychology
Hon. Daniel J. Buckley
, Presiding Justice, Los Angeles Superior Court
Gail Title, ADR Services

Moderated By:  Gail Killefer, ADR Program Director for the District Court for the Central District of California

More info is available at: Los Angeles County Bar Association

CP Cal Conference XII

CP Cal Conference XII

12th Annual Statewide Conference of Collaborative Professionals

April 28-30, 2017
Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach

Becoming Culturally Competent and Ethically Responsible: Beyond Basics

Presenters: Gitu Bhatia, Psy.D., Linda Bortell, Psy.D., Abbas Hadjian, Esq. and Diana Martinez, Esq.

Professionals working with families going through divorce and separation need to increase awareness and skills to be able to discern the complex aspects of culture, world views, and communication patterns of the families with whom we interact in the legal process. Participants will also learn to identify and empathize with the socio political aspects of racism, power and privilege and how these may impact issues of trust and mistrust and create barriers in the legal processes and, specifically, within the context of family law.



The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts California Chapter will hold its annual conference:

February 10-12, 2017
Westin South Coast Plaza
Costa Mesa, CA

Modest Means Moves: Preparing For and Trying the Modest Means Move-Away Case

Leslie Ellen Shear, JD, CFLS, Mike J. Kretzmer, JD, CFLS, Gitu Bhatia, Psy.D.
One of the most challenging situations in Family Court is the presentation of a “move-away” case where the litigants have modest means. Judges are often confronted with poorly conducted move-away trials that do not give the Court the information necessary for wise decisions, and unduly consume court time and resources. This program will lay out how move-away cases can best be organized and presented by parties and counsel to assist the Court in developing long-distance parenting plan orders. There will also be discussion of alternatives to court resolution and how to be sensitive to cultural issues.

Unpacking the backpack of Culture: Talking to our children about differences

Unpacking the backpack of culture:
Talking to our children about differences

a talk by
Dr. Gitu Bhatia Pys.D.
at Pasadena City College
on October 25, 7:00pm

presented by Cottage Co-op Nursery School Parent Talk Series Presents

Pasadena City College
1570 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

Unpacking the backpack of Culture

Dr. Bhatia on Divorce Magazine

Divorce Magazine

Dr. Bhatia is also a guest blogger on the Divorce Magazine website. Her articles may be found here: Dr. Gitu Bhatia’s Blog on Divorce Magazine

5 Mindful Steps to Take for an Easier Road to Becoming a Blended Family

Families that come together post-divorce may need a different terminology than “blended family.” Blending something together connotes losing individual identities and forming a new collective identity.

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys: Learning to Know Your Emotions from Those of Others

“Not my circus, not my monkeys” is a Polish proverb that wisely describes the need to know when other people’s feelings are your responsibility or not. While going through divorce, you have to manage many feelings for yourself and your children. Taking on other people’s feelings and reactions can deplete your own resources.

How to Cope with the Emotional Effects of Divorce

Tsunami. Earthquake. Floods. These major natural disasters are often used to speak about the depth of emotions you feel at any stage of a divorce.

7 Ways to Ensure a Happier Relationship the Second Time Around

The old adage “once bitten, twice shy” may hold true for some people after a relationship fails. However, some people jump quickly into new relationships instead of taking the time to heal from the pain and anguish of being left or feeling rejected.

Coping with the Losses of Divorce

Divorce inevitably brings about a series of losses, and it becomes difficult to remember that the losses may make room for some gains in the long run. There are tangible financial losses, but there may also be intangible and subtle losses that may not be apparent until later in the process of coping with divorce.

Recently published

Dr. Gitu Bhatia has co-authored a chapter in the book:

recently published

“Parenting Plan Evaluations: Applied Research for the Family Court, Second Edition.
Edited by Leslie Drozd, Michael Saini, and Nancy Olesen”. Published in March by Oxford University Press.
You can find the chapter in SECTION 6:
Chapter 15: Cultural Dynamics of Divorce and Parenting
by Gitu Bhatia and Michael Saini.It provides ways in which we can be culturally sensitive, aware and  competent.

Dr. Bhatia’s Interview on the Dr. Dee Show

Dr. Bhatia is interviewed on the Dr Dee Show, during which she discusses how people are coping with divorce and describes the DivorceWorks App. Listen here:
Dr. Bhatia Interview on the Dr. Dee Show